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These are the projects my muse is currently helping me with. I'll be updating this page with the covers for each as they are finalized.

Take Over (Working Title, Stand Alone)

Status: Editing Stage

A kingdom may rest in the hands of one person as a traitor walks among the palace walls. Cover to come...

Untitled Vampire Story (Stand Alone)

Status: Re-writing Stage

All I will say right now is that this story is about a vampire. Stay tuned, because I will be revealing the cover and title soon.

Lightworker Series, Books 4 and 5

Current Status: Revisions/Writing


Courtney's story continues in books 4 and 5 of the Lightworker series. Her entire life changed in the first three books, and Courtney still carries the psychological scars of her past.

She's stepped back out into the world, but she stumbles at times as she tries desperately to keep her troubled past quiet despite the eager questions of some new friends. This is made worse when the person she trusts most makes an announcement that will bring back every insecurity and fear she's pushed aside.

Complicating things are the enemies who never really forgot about her and the trouble she caused. People who are determined to take her out of the picture any way they can. Will she be able to finally find not only peace, but her true place in the world?

Pet Servant Front


Status: Re-writing

Pets are our masters, and we know it. A book about the lessons that my pets have taught me, honoring the memories of those no longer with us, while also documenting the ones still here.



Status: Revisions

Cassandra Smith has never really fit in. She's stumbling through her job, working with a time travel organization her parents were once part of. One day, she's given an assignment she never dreamed they'd send her way--one that will lead her to make a painful choice.


Status: Revisions

Cassie has happily moved on with her life after her first adventure, but she's about to find out that things aren't that simple. Another assignment comes calling: an unthinkable task that makes her question everything. If she refuses, the consequences could be devastating for her