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These are the projects my muse is currently helping me with. I'll be updating this page with the covers for each as they are finalized.

Reclaiming Me,

Lightworker Series, Book 4 


Current Status: Releasing March 15, 2017

After spending the majority of her 18th year being treated for a mental breakdown, and having confronted the person responsible for all the pain she’d been through over the past year, Courtney Thompson is now taking her first steps to getting her life back – she’s back in school, getting involved in the drama department again, and forming some friendships.

On top of the changes in her life, Courtney’s being called to make a decision about her fledgling relationship with Santiago Martinez, a man who works with the people who helped her through the past year. She’s falling fast, but she isn’t sure that’s a good thing. His work terrifies her, and she fears dealing with more heartbreak.

Meanwhile, the enemies who have been responsible for her pain are still out there. Enemies who still have big plans for her, and are closer than she realizes. Can she finally get her life back on track, or will they finish her off for good?


Defining Me,

Lightworker Series, Book 5


Current Status: Revisions


Four years after surviving another attack from her enemies, Courtney Thompson has found some peace. She’s engaged to her boyfriend, Santiago, and she’s living her dream of being a professional actress.

Despite her love of the stage, Courtney feels a pull toward her past and the work she’s been avoiding. When she announces her decision to return and her intention to work with him, Santiago becomes evasive and tries to talk her out of it. His behavior worries her and makes her think she’s marrying a stranger. When she presses the issue, he makes a startling confession. One that will change the course of her life yet again.

Abigail Flores is a young woman who hates being watched and keeps some questionable company. When one of her clients makes an unusual request, Abigail ends up getting far more than she planned. Suddenly in the middle of a war between good and evil, Abigail has to decide who she’ll align with. Will Courtney be able to handle the secret Santiago’s been keeping from her? Can Santiago get Abigail on their side, or will the enemy win?

Untitled (Lightworker Series, Book 6)


Status: Writing Stage


A new character takes the lead as her past suddenly collides with the new life she'd built. Meanwhile, old characters once again must step up to save someone from an enemy that stops at nothing to harm those who do good in the world. More details to come after it's done.

Take Over (Working Title, Stand Alone)

Status: Editing Stage

A kingdom may rest in the hands of one person as a traitor walks among the palace walls. Cover to come...


Pet Servant Front


Status: Re-writing

Pets are our masters, and we know it. A book about the lessons that my pets have taught me, honoring the memories of those no longer with us, while also documenting the ones still here.


Untitled Vampire Story (Stand Alone)

Status: Re-writing Stage

All I will say right now is that this story is about a vampire. Stay tuned, because I will be revealing the cover and title soon.


Status: Editing Stage

Naomi Williams has a gift she wishes she could return. All of her life, she’s had visions that have led to trouble and shown nothing but disappointment and sadness—especially when it comes to her love life. Date after date has been marked by visions of impending disaster—or boredom. Naomi isn’t sure what one is worse.

When her friend sets her up with a real estate attorney, the last thing she wants to do is keep the date. With her visions a closely-guarded secret, her friend’s patience is at its limit and Naomi knows that she has little choice but to keep the date and hope for the best. Mark seems nice enough, but Naomi’s unable to fully relax with all the memories flooding her mind at the prospect of dating again.

When the vision she inevitable gets shows something unexpected, Naomi decides to stick it out a while and see what happens. Has Naomi’s luck finally turned, or will she be disappointed again?


Status: Revisions

Cassandra Smith has never really fit in. She's stumbling through her job, working with a time travel organization her parents were once part of. One day, she's given an assignment she never dreamed they'd send her way--one that will lead her to make a painful choice.


Status: Revisions

Cassie has happily moved on with her life after her first adventure, but she's about to find out that things aren't that simple. Another assignment comes calling: an unthinkable task that makes her question everything. If she refuses, the consequences could be devastating for her