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My editor, Elaine Roughton. She's been working on my books since Trembling Souls.

CP Bialois is an awesome beta/editor who goes over it first (and usually gives me bad ideas in the process. LOL)

The radio show I do with fellow author Michelle Cornwell-Jordan.

  • First Wed. of the Month: The Writing Corner
  • Second and Fourth Thursdays: Culture Shocked
  • Fridays: The Weekend Edition

Also featured, The Darker Side of Romance with Rhonda Caudhill. Check it out on Facebook to keep up with the latest episodes.

My covers are thanks to the awesome RJ Keith. She created the covers for....

  • The Life and Times of No One in Particular
  • Stains on the Soul
  • Trembling Souls
  • Smashing the Slate
  • Clutter

Check her out! She's also an author and is a great artist.