My Writing Year: 2018

So, my writing year in 2018 was a mixed bag. On the publishing front, I only released CONFRONTING ME, the sixth in my #LightworkerSeries. That didn’t mean I was idle, though. In 2018, I wrote the seventh and eight books in that series, both of which I plan to get out this year. Also, I wrote spinoffs for both the Stains Trilogy and Lightworker series. So, far, they are each into the second installments, and it’s going to be exciting to see where these go.

Besides that, my writing year in 2018 was busy in another respect: completing the #AStoryADay challenge. It was a goal that seemed completely unattainable, but at the end of the year, over 365 poems, haikus, song spoofs, six-word stories, novels, novellas, and short stories came to life. One, I shared here. It is so exciting to know that such an impossible goal actually came to fruition. And soon, there is going to be a lot to share on social media, Wattpad, and other venues. Keep an eye out!

On a personal, but still related, note, I surpassed my goodreads challenge, started a fun new blogging project, got back into photography, and kept up pretty well with the things on last year’s vision board. Looking forward to an even more magical and creative 2019! Hope to have you along for the journey.

Lots of love,


Author: Jamie White