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My Writing Process

My Writing Process

by Jamie White
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So, Shay West tagged me in a blog tour asking writers to talk about their writing process. She’s an awesome writer who is getting ready for a new release. Check her out on https://www.facebook.com/groups/233828800159043/¬†Facebook too if you want to learn more. I’m supposed to tag two people, so I will be opening this up to my friends in the writing community. The first two to comment here will be chosen to do a post on their own blog explaining their process.

What am I working on?¬†Right now, I am anticipating the release process of my second novella in the Stains trilogy and mulling over some additional changes for the third, pending beta comments. I’m also working on some outlining for a couple of ideas I was talking over with my husband the other night.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I think I add a bit of humor to my work, even when it’s got a lot of darkness. CP likes to say my work has a certain fun and fast energy to it.

Why do I write what I do? I write YA/New Adult paranormal fiction as well as YA/NA with spiritual/new age aspects to it. I write that genre because it’s what I love to read. Christopher Pike writes fiction along those lines as well and he is a huge inspiration to me, so I hope to put my own spin on that type of fiction while maybe exposing people to different concepts they might not have heard of or understand.

How does your writing process work? It ususally begins with a lot of stressing. LOL. It sometunes takes some time for an idea to come or to fully form for me, so I do a lot of reflecting on the idea before I begin. When I want some extra help, I use my crystal kit or meditate. I also love to take some time to listen to music to get myself into the right mindset to write. If I am already partway into a work, I also read through some of what I’ve already written to help get back into that world.

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