Moon Work

by Jamie White
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Note: This is an old article.

Some of you may know that I am really into the paranormal and anything New Age. One of the latest things I have been embracing more is moon work and I thought I would share some info with you. The 30th will not only mark the New Moon, it will also lead into the Chinese New Year. Since this is the year of the horse, this is especially significant. This has led me to do some moon work.

Doesn’t the year of the horse sound awesome? I, for one, can’t wait to see what this year brings and am taking an active role this year. There are two things I have been doing on new moons and full moons this year (starting with the one on January 1st.) One is abundance checks. I tried these once several years ago and didn’t really notice any positive improvements. I think I just wasn’t in the right headspace to see and really lose myself in the ritual. This year, I did and I definitely noticed changes. I plan to do it all again this Friday.

Another aspect of the moon work I have started this year is the moon diet. I’ve been doing the 24-hour one which is a liquid cleanse. You only drink water, herbal tea, and pure juices. No milk or other drinks with fat/added sugar and no solid food. This time, I plan to follow it up by trying to eat only fruit and veggies as well although I may end up just doing that one day during the week instead. I have to say I didn’t think I was going to last an entire day without eating food, but I did it and it felt great just drinking pure liquids for a day.

Finally, I am going to use this moon energy and the energy behind the year of the horse to cleanse some of my stones. After you’ve been working with them long enough, they need to have their energy cleared and moon phases are a great time to do that. I plan to put mine in a container filled with sea salt, but look up your particular stone on google and see what methods are recommended. Some substances can harm some stones.

So there you have it: an intro to moon work! Some simple things you can do to tune into and harness the power of the moon. Do you use any of the practices? Are there any not mentioned that you like to do? Comment and let’s share. :) Til next time…


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