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Hockey: A New Obsession

Hockey: A New Obsession

by Jamie White
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My first hockey game: Panthers vs. Rangers. An awesome time. 🙂

So, I have started working on a new story idea. I already wrote a few paragraphs in it. All I can say for now is, it involves a vampire who wasn’t thinking. :) The idea came from CP and I am running with it. I can’t wait to see where it goes! When I’m not trying to get the words out, I am doing something I never, ever thought I would do.

I’m watching Hockey.

As I write this, we’re watching the Flyers (boo!) take on the Devils. Why on earth am I, a girl who has never watched a sport other than Figure Skating and Gymnastics, watching a hockey game? Well, I was taking a class a few years ago at a local college and there was a promo thing going on where I could get a really, really good deal on tickets. CP is a huge fan (especially of the NY Rangers), so I got tickets for the both of us to see them play the Panthers twice. My first hockey game, I was prepared to just suffer through for CP’s birthday.

Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed myself. Something about seeing them live got to me. Before I knew it, I was a hockey fan and eagerly cheering every Rangers goal :) Sorry, Panthers fans. I was eagerly awaiting this new season and am glad it finally got going. Now we just need the Rangers goalie to get with it and give me something big to cheer about…

UPDATE (11-14-2016)

I have added several more teams to my list of ones to follow: Tampa Bay, The Oilers, The Blackhawks, and the Avs. I am really rooting for the Oilers and Cam Talbot in particular, because I think he really showed his potential during his last season with the Rangers, and I’d love to see him go all the way to a cup.

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