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On Crystal Kits

On Crystal Kits

by Jamie White
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I’m a big fan of reading about new age stuff, and have always been into it. I’ve had a few odd experiences over the years that has helped to cement my interest. Since I am into such things, I started going to a new age shop nearby and took part in a workshop in working with crystals and stones. It was fun, and I decided to make some crystal kits. My first one was for writing and creativity. Here is what I put in the kit, and how I use it:

I guess it should be obvious why I got the big, round stone in the middle. That was the first one I got, and I thought it would be a nice start to the kit. It also kind of ties the whole thing together for me and sets an intention.
I took the other stones and arranged them in a circle around the “Inspiration” stone because it just felt right. The one at the top of the circle is Blue Lace Agate. I chose this one because one of the properties listed for it is inspiration. It’s also associated with heightening intuition, and is said to be a calming stone. What writer wouldn’t need a little tranquility when that deadline is looming?

The one to the right of the Blue Lace Agate is Citrine. It’s known for abundance and success, so that’s one reason I chose it. I also liked that it also helps to dispel negativity, and increase confidence.

Underneath the citrine is Clear Quartz. I picked it because it helps improve concentration, something that is vital when trying to resist the lure of the internet. After bringing the stones home, I was happy to see that it is also known as an “artist’s support stone”.

Next to Clear Quartz is Labradorite. It has quite a few properties in common with some of the other stones in my kit, but there is also one that made me want to add to my collection: It’s associated with perseverance and strength.

Finally, there is Amazonite. The big draw for me was helping with communication. It, like many of the others listed here, is also associated with creativity and self-expression. There are several other properties that are perfect for my purposes, and I’m sure the same would hold true for any writer.

So, how do I use them? I spent a little bit of time handling the stones before I used them, just getting in touch with the texture of them and all. I leave them in a small bag in my pocket when I write, or I set them up on the desk. I was told today, I might also want to consider using the stones to make a circle around myself while I work. We’ll see. So far, the way I have been doing it works for me. Find what’s right for you, and let your instinct rule. Also, be sure to look how to care for any stone you get. Some, like citrine, do not need to be cleared–others do. Also, some clearing methods may damage certain stones, so you want to make sure you’re using the right method for the stone you have.

What do you use as a little creativity enhancer? Comment and let’s talk about it.


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