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Fun facts about…

by Jamie White
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I was tagged on Facebook in a meme, and I thought I would share the answers here before posting them. The game is to share 14 things about yourself. Check out mine below and feel free to share your own!

1) My husband and I met in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer role play game online.

2) I am a level 1 Reiki practitioner.

3) I have done intuitive readings.

4) I sometimes have prophetic dreams.

5) I have a half-brother and half-sister.

6) I love pineapple anything.

7) Jordan Knight was my favorite New Kid, but now I like Joey.

8) I played Pozzo in “Waiting for Godot” in High School.

9) I was team Brandon during 90210’s original run.

10) I used to write song lyrics.

11) I was once an AVON lady. lol.

12)  I must have all CDs arranged in a certain way (more on that later….)

13)  I used to pretend to figure skate in the house as a kid.

14) The strangest pet I ever had was a Sea Horse.


The Stains Trilogy.

The Stains trilogy has a special place in my heart. It was my first series, for starters. It’s also the trilogy that connected me with some cool people and taught me a lot about book releases as well as writing/editing. Here I thought I would share some fun facts about the series to celebrate the release of the final installment.

Tarot Reading

A reading I did following the challenge that seemed to back up the fact not all of this series was fiction…

  • The first one was 100% pantsed. I seriously started that book with one image in mind: a girl burning at the stake. I sat down to write the scene, and it flowed from there.
  • Fiona was named after the lead character so So Weird.
  • Two characters who play a part in this series did not exist at the end of my first draft. I’ll let you guys decide who they were. 🙂
  • I choose to have an amethyst stone play a part in this series because of it’s metaphysical properties, especially it’s ability to enhance intuition.
  • Book #2 had a completely different ending in my first draft. I re-worked it quite a bit before submitting it.
  • When I sent the first book to a beta reader, I got yelled at because of something that happened with a particular character.
  • My favorite scene of the first book is the carnival scene.
  • The climactic fight in #2 was completely different at first, and I actually ended up using a small bit of that original scene in a different work.
  • Stephanie ended up being one of my favorite characters to write in #3. I particularly like the vibe between her and Fiona.
  • The dish I have Fiona order in #1 is actually one of my favorites.
  • The metaphysical store that makes an appearance in all three is loosely based on one I go to.
  • A past life challenge I did actually pointed to some of this story not being entirely fiction.

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