Do you love weird, paranormal stories?

GREAT, because I’ve got plenty of them to tell. I can help you journey into the unknown and discover the hidden, yet awesome world out there that most people either don’t see, or don’t want to see. I’ve been exploring that world unofficially since the first Poltergeist movie, and I haven’t lost that love for the paranormal since— that’s why I write about it.

That’s right, I’m a paranormal fiction writer.

But what sets me apart from other paranormal fiction writers out there is… I actively explore the fascinating hidden world around us through meditation and other practices, like Reiki and chanting. I also work with crystals. These things are part of my world, both real and fictional, and I love sharing them.

I hope that, much like I felt after reading Christopher Pike’s work, you’ll feel inspired to explore the weird side of life by getting lost in one of my novels.


Latest Release:  Confronting Me, 

#LightworkerSeries, Book Six


MLAmazon Reviewer-- Learning Me
The anticipation in this book is so strong you cannot stop turning pages for a second. Even if this is not your usual genre—even if you are not particularly drawn to the description—you should get a copy of this book and become immersed in one of the best books I’ve read this year. It’s well worth your time, and once you’re done, you need to start a petition to get more books from this author. Seriously. She’s that good!
AlisonAmazon Reviewer - The Life and Times
I love that this book gives you a sort of "fly on the wall" view of things. The story is original, and it's a fun read.
JustinAmazon Reviewer - Learning Me
Author Jamie White did an excellent job with this story; from the character development, the story line, and even the setting was great
MartyAmazon Reviewer - Stainson the Soul
Jamie is one of those few authors that knows how to do a flashback/dream-state correctly

Monthly Pick

Mayans MC

on FX

This new series just finished its first season, and I can't wait to see what's next. The show is a companion to Sons of Anarchy, and focuses on a prospect joining a Mayans charter.

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